Everything you need to know about Nirbhaya Documentary :The Good,The Bad and The Ugly


India’s daughter is directed by an award winning filmmaker Leslee Udwin. Its not just a film for her. Its 2 years of her life. It is initially scheduled to be aired for Women’s day on 8th March 2015. As Indian government has banned the telecast, BBC was stunned and hurried to telecast the film on UK. More than 3 lakh people has viewed the show. More interestingly ,they made the video public through YouTube. Initially YouTube is hesitant to not remove the video. After several requests, Youtube blocked access to several videos. At the time of writing this article, more than dozens of copy of the video is available in the YouTube. This clearly shows that no one likes the ban on the documentary. I am going to dissect the documentary. Let’s start.

The good:

While watching this documentary, you can literally go through some of the sickest and filthiest ever born on the earth . Lets introduce Mukesh, one of the convicts in this brutal rape. He was saying some nonsense and creepy before foreign television. He has completely no respect for law and women. At one point , he even admitted that this brother, Ram sigh, another convict, had already done in similar things in past. He does not have any guilty feeling for committing such a horrific  thing even at this time. Mukesh, one of the rape convict, is the guy in the following image.vlcsnap-2015-03-06-11h31m48s229vlcsnap-2015-03-06-11h31m53s25

We would have never known this filthiest person mentality without this documentary. This is not just about a single case and they are thousands of cases like this and its the time to change everything from the grass root level. According to NCRB , a women is raped in India for every 20 minutes and most of the rapes are under reported. Either the police fails to file FIR or victim does not have interest to go to police station. Even if the victim goes to the police station, victim is accused and has to overcome lots of embarrassing questions on the manner of rape. It is the bitter truth that you have to take it. The average delay in disposing a rape case is 2 years. If accused goes for an appeal, vicious cycle begins again. At one point, most of the victim turns hostile. Lets take an example, if some person was raped in 1992 and if she has been questioned about the manner of rape in 2015, how could she answer? Its after all the bad dream of her life and no one has the right to force her to re live the horrific moment.

At one point in this documentary,  psychologist said that most of the rapist had done more than single rape and some of them even confessed to rape more than 200 people. By this point, you would known the level of under reporting of rape. By this documentary, we came to know that there are many filthy people like him and they have no feeling for their mistake and most importantly they attribute that mistakes to victims.


The Bad

By revealing the name of the identity, BBC has condemned the court’s order. In any rape case, no media has the right to reveal the victim’s name even after the permission of their parents. Its not fair and good. While the case is still in the super court, this documentary may be considered as the interference to the supreme court justice because no foreign personal has the power to investigate a case of this nature.

The ugly 

The most embarrassing part of this documentary will be the speech of two defense lawyer. I literally don’t know how they became a lawyer without having a little respect for a women. Defense lawyer is one of the essential thing of judicial system but these two guys are definitely crazy. At point, a defense lawyer said that Indian culture has no place for a women. What do this lawyer know about Indian culture? Why is this lawyer blabbering some nonsense over a foreign television channel? All British people who had watched this show would have an ugly perception on Indian culture. I do expect such a creepy thing from a horrific rapist but such a statement from a lawyer is unjustifiable. Bar council should revoke his licence to practice. Another defense lawyer gave a extreme statement that he would kill his daughter, if she had went with any boy. B_U3ewjUwAAJ-5w

 Anyway, thank you BBC for showing the real color of some of the filthy lawyers.