Civil Service 2015 Preparation Guide


Anyone serious about cracking civil service this year at any cost? If yes, You are at the right page. This page is going to be updated daily. It is suggested for you to bookmark this page and visit this page regularly. Before giving you any any assurance, i am gonna tell you what you can expect from this page.

Before proceeding, visit this page to know how to prepare for civil service exam ( Recent addition)

New: Study plan for civil service exam is added. Checkout in this link.

NewFree books for civil service preparation.(PDF format)

New:  Free Civil service Mock tests

Roughly there are 7 months left for Civil service Preliminary exam. Allocate at least 6 hours a day. In this website we are gonna cover Basic Polity, Basic Economics, Science and Technology ,Current Affairs ,Aptitude for CSAT and Environment. Current affairs will be posted on weekly basis. 10 articles regarding Basic economics has already been written and they are given below.

1.Inflation and Deflation Concepts

2.Banking terms part 1

3.Banking terms part 2

4.Banking terms part 3

5.Banking sector in India and Role of RBI

6.Financial Regulators in India

7.Payment and Settlement systems

8. Tax Structure in India

9.Law of banking and economies in India 

10.International Economic Organisations

Mock test for economics

Aptitude Practice: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 , Set 4

Basic Polity: Polity-An review of basic concepts  more topics of polity will be updated soon

Current affairs will be  started from next week. Please do see all the topics and comment here.

Environment  section:

1.Introduction to environment, Biodiversity and Climate change.

2. Introduction to Biomes(new)

3.Forest Biomes(new)

4.Types of climate and Terrestrial biomes (new)

Science and technology section:

Computing and Information Technology:

1. Introduction to computing

2.Components of computer

3.Basic Computing Concept

4.Network and Internet Basics

5. Threats to computing Systems 

6.Computer security

7. Internet censorship (Useful for civil service mains)

8. Intro to Cyber war, cyber terrorism and cyber spy (Useful for civil service mains)

9. Basic computer terms part 1 (New)

10.Basic computer terms part 2( New)

11.Basic computing terms part 3 (New)

12. Computer abbreviations part 1 (New) 


3 thoughts on “Civil Service 2015 Preparation Guide

  1. First collect NCERT books and make yourself through in the basics. Then you can prepare every subject from suggested book. I hope you can find articles in our site as useful one. Complete study plan and methodology to study IAS exam will be updated by tomorrow in our website. Please do check our site regularly. Check out this link to know how to prepare for civil service exam.


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