Previous year UPSC Question papers collection (PDF)

Students preparing for any UPSC exam should not restrict them to refer question papers of their exam alone. Here is the complete collection of UPSC exam question papers since 2009. This collection will be extremely useful for the preparation of civil service exam.

Question papers that are useful for the preparation of CSP, 2015

Practicing many mock tests is the crucial step in the preparation of high level exam such as civil service exam. Previous year question papers is a never miss asset for every serious civil service aspirants. I have complied more than 80 objective type UPSC questions papers into a single RAR file and i hope they will be highly useful during the Civil service preliminary exam preparation.

How to use this collection effectively for CSP preparation?

SCRA and STENOGRAPHER question papers have HSC level syllabus. Believe it or not. 25% of the CSP questions are of HSC level. So even lower exam exam helps you in your preparation. Other exam question papers provided in the collection is of Degree level and so they are directly useful in your civil service preparation. Download link of the collection is given below.

Collection of UPSC question papers since 2009  (Size: 122 MB)

Note: This collection does not contain specialized exam papers such as Medicine, Maths, Engineering, Economics, etc. In other words this collection has only General studies and Aptitude question papers.

Exam wise Question paper collection:

Following section has individual collection for all important UPSC exams.

1. SCRA (9.75 MB)

2. CDS (26.5 MB)

3. NDA (17.0 MB)

4. Stenographer (9.61 MB)

5.CAPF (4.67 MB)

6.CISF (3.49 MB)

7. Civil service exam (68.4 MB)

Question paper collection for Civil service Mains will be posted soon


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