Study plan for civil service exam preparation


Roughly ,only 6 months are left for civil service preliminary exam,2015. So, if you are really determined to crack civil service exam, you should start preparation from today. Trust me!!! 120 days are enough to crack civil service preliminary exam. There are two main parts of preparation 1. Static 2. Current Affairs

Static subjects include concepts of polity, concepts of economics, history,General science, aptitude, Reasoning and Reading comprehension.  You should have deep knowledge on current trends in polity, international relations, economic development, social development, environmental issues, development in science and technology and any other news that draws national and international attention. Maintain notes for the current affairs and research the topic by yourself.

Time Management: Allocate at least 42 hours a week or 6 hours a day. If you are working, you may find it difficult to allocate time daily. I would suggest the working person to allocate time on weekly manner. Allocate 25% of the time to the current affairs note making process. Allocate another 15% of time to research major issues that happened during the week. Allocate remaining 60% of the time to study static portion. Try to relate static concepts with ongoing issues. This will help you to allocate time for both static and current affairs section without any problem.


  • Think of various time options. Somebody may find it easy to read during early morning while others not. So, find your optimum time to read.
  • Think of a flexible time plan. Don’t force yourself to complete unrealistic target in a short time.
  • Take short breaks of 4-5 minutes every 40 minute.

Study plan for civil service exam preparation,2015:

  • Start with polity and economics. You can finish it within 3 weeks. Lakshimikanth and Ramesh Singh book is enough. If you don’t understand any basic concepts, please refer NCERT book. I assume that you start preparing by today(11.01.2014), so you can complete polity and economics by this month
  • You can easily complete the basic concepts of environment within 2 weeks. I will complete all the articles relating to environment within February 10 so that you can freely complete them by February 15.
  • Study History ,Indian culture and geography at the same time. You can complete them by March end. John kelly and Bipin Chandra book is recommended for History while Majjid Hussain book is recommended for Geography.
  • Complete general science by April 20. For general science NCERT books are enough and refer old question papers.
  • Take one month to practice aptitude, Reasoning and RC questions. So your deadline for completing them is May 20.
  • Revision period: May 20- May 30. Revise all the things that you have learnt in the above period.
  • Study Concepts of ethics for GS4 paper by June 15
  • Testing period: June 16-June 31. Do SWOT analysis . Review your strengths, weakness, Opportunity and strength in cracking civil service preparation by taking at least two mock tests during this period.. If you are not satisfied with the analysis,increase your momentum by correcting your weakness.
  • Review the top events that happened during the half year that is from January 1 to  June 30 for 15 day and research the most important topic.
  • Fill the weakness by learning new stuffs related to static portion. Allocate 15 days for this period. So July 31st is the deadline for learning new stuffs. So after this period, never study any new stuff in static portion for the preliminary exam.
  • Final revision and mock test practice: August month.
  • Never stop updating yourself as main exam is mainly concerned with current affairs. Study world history and revise Indian history and Indian culture by September end.
  • Revise polity and review news related to GS2 paper from October 1 to October 15.
  • Revise concepts of environment and review news related to GS2 paper from October 15 to October 31.
  • You can study everything related to your Optional subject by 20th November, Provided that you have specialization in the optional subject or you know the basics of the subject.
  • Remaining time: Revision period


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