Ecosystem and Biomes- An brief Introduction

Ecosystem: It is a place where living organism interact with other living and other living organism. A particular ecosystem is defined by the interaction of organisms living in the ecosystem with another living or non living thing. Every organism has a specific role in the ecosystem. It is called Niche. 

Biomes are places of similar climate and environment. In other words, it is the way of classification of placed based on thier geographical nature. Difference between ecosystem and biomes is later deals with abiotic conditions while ecosystems deals with interaction of organism with other organism along with abiotic factors.There are two fundamental classification of biomes 1. Terrestrial or Land Biomes 2.Aquatic Biomes.

Terrestrial Biomes or Land Biomes are further classified into Tropical Forest Biomes, Temperature Forest Biomes, Savanna Biomes, Desert Biomes, Temperature Grassland Biomes, Decidious Forest Biomes , Mediterranean Climate biomes, Coniferous Biomes and Tundra Biomes. (Sorry for such a long list!!!). Most of the Terrestrial Biomes are classified based on their temperature, Precipitation (It is the total amount of water that falls over a specific area in any form such as snow,hail or rain) and Altitude.

Aquatic Biomes are broadly classified into fresh water biomes, Marine Biomes and Estuaries. Aquatic biomes are dominant since 75% of the earth is covered by water. Many diverse organism live in Aquatic biomes. Fresh water biomes include Lakes,Rivers,Streams and wetlands. They have no  or very less salinity in their water. Marine biomes includes oceans,coral Reefs. They have more salinity  in their water. Estuary is region between sea and river. In other words, it is the place where one or more rivers are connected to the sea. Hence, Estuary is an ecotone which means it is the place where two different biomes meet together. Here that two biomes are River and sea. Following picture shows an estuary in California.


That is what for the day. It is just an basic article. Each of the biomes to be explained in deeper in upcoming articles.


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