Introduction to Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change

It is very important and one of the easiest sections of the Civil Service Preliminary (CSP) exam. At least 15 questions were asked from this sections. In this article, you will learn how to approach this section, how to maximize your marks in this section and some Basic introduction of this section.

Environment is a issue based subject. What i mean by issue based subject is that this subject is related to lot of issues happening in our country. Environment is a very broad subject but fortunately you won’t asked very deep in this subject. Basic knowledge of your environment is enough. Don’t read factual things read environmental issues deeply. That is all i have to say regarding preparation of this section. Lets learn something worth!!!

Simple definition to environment is the place where living organism live. Every organism live with the help of surrounding biotic and abiotic organism. Environmental science studies the relationship between the living organism and its surroundings in broader context and it also deals with providing viable solutions to environmental problems by the use of technology. One important thing to not here is that environmental science is not an independent subject but it is an multidisciplinary field ,as it includes study of Geology, Geography ,Physics ,Chemistry, and Biology.

Ecosystem is a group of living organism living surrounded by abiotic things such as air,soil,water that support them for their survival. Ecology is the study of ecosystem. It is the study of interaction of living organism and their environment by the use of biological and Geological science.


Image Copyrighted by Richard Rling (2004)

Biodiversity: Biodiversity is the presence of variety of organism in any ecosystem, area or the whole planet. Why does bio diversity matter? Diverse forest such as Amazon rain forest helps us in many ways such as giving more oxygen(Amazon rain forest alone provides 20% of world oxygen), giving more medicinal plants, prevention of soil erosion, reducing water and air pollution and helps to manufacture many products. Apart all other reasons every organism is part of the system and hence it has a role in the system. So, if that organism is extinct, there would be imbalance in the system. How? Well.You can learn about them in upcoming articles.

Climate Change: It is the change in the weather patterns that is going to last for very long period. Lot of reasons are associated with it. Natural causes includes volcanic eruption, Movement of tectonic plates and other geological process. But we are more concerned with the man made causes and they are refereed as Greenhouse effect or Global warming. It is just an introductory article lot to come..stay tuned!!


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