Basic English Grammar series for Bank Exams part 1

Understanding basic grammar can help in maximizing your score in the English section. This series will be useful in solving spot the error questions, sentence completion, rearrangement of sentence, etc

Subject and Predicate:The subject is the hero of the sentence. On other words, sentence is about the subject. What the subject is/What the subject is doing is called Predicate. Rakesh eats an apple. Here, Rakesh is subject and his action (i.e eats an apple) is Predicate.

Parts of speech:

These are the most important classification of words in English Grammar. There are eight parts of speech in English grammar and they are noun, verb,adjective, adverb, pronoun, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection. Lets discuss about each of them in brief.

Noun: It represents living things,human,materials and the abstract things.  Noun can be sub classified into many types and they are Proper noun, Common noun, Countable noun, Uncountable noun, Collective noun, Concrete noun and Abstract Noun. Proper noun represents something that is specific in nature. So your name,name of your village are examples of proper noun.Proper noun starts with capital letter irrespective of its position in the sentence. Common noun represents non-specific things. Doctor,Lawyer, College does not represent any particular thing or person but represent a group of person or thing and hence they are common noun. If the noun takes plural form,it is countable noun. Page and website are examples of countable noun. If the noun does not take plural form, it is uncountable noun. Milk, water,and Furniture are examples of uncountable noun. Collective noun represents group of things or animals. Team is group of individuals and hence it is collective noun. Concrete noun represents something which we can be touched or seen or heard . Abstract noun cannot be seen or touched or heard but can be felt. Love and Hate are examples of abstract noun.

Verb: It represents action of the subject and verb tells about the time of action . They are classified into transitive and intransitive verb. If verb is followed by noun immediately, then it is transitive verb and if not, it is intransitive verb.

Adjective: It is a class of words that qualifies the noun. It tells something about the noun quantitatively and qualitatively such as age of the noun, number of noun, color of the noun, size of the noun etc.

Adverb: It modifies verb ,adjective and even another adverb. It also gives more information about the action.Consider the following sentence “He ran quickly” . Here quickly answers the following question “how fast he ran?”.

Pronoun: Pronoun are group of words that are actually substitutes of noun. More information about pronoun will be discussed in upcoming articles.

Preposition: Preposition are group of words that are used to represent location ,time and to relate the noun to any other word in the sentence. More information about preposition will be discussed in upcoming articles.

Conjunction: It connects two sentence or phrase or clause.

Interjection: They are used to represent emotions such as happiness, sadness, discomfort, disinterest, pain,fear etc.


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