Basic computing series part 7(Computer security)

In the last article we have discussed about threats to computing system and in this article we will discuss about countermeasures for them. What is computer security? Computer security is simply methods available to counter computer threats. We have already discussed man in the middle attack in last article. It can be countered by encryption. Encryption is the process of converting plain text into non understandable format. Decryption does the reverse process.

Anti virus detects and removes virus,malware,worms and trojan horses from the computer. Anti spyware detects and removes spyware and key loggers. Key scramblers is a new set of software that scrambles the key pressed by you so that any backdoor installed in your computer cannot track key pressed by the user.

SSL and TLS protocol secures communication between two devices. WordPress is also using TLS protocol so that no one can do Man in the middle attack. Intrusion detection system is used to detect unauthorized intrusion into the network.

Multi factor authentication: We know that login credentials of Gmail and Facebook can be easily stolen by installing a backdoor or by convincing the user to click on the link that redirects him to the phished site. So multi factor Authentication prevents or at least makes the attack a harder one. It’s basically extra authentication needed to verify the identity. For example Gmail has dual authentication in which user has to enter the One time password(OTP) sent to your mobile number in order to access his account . Biometric authentication uses one of user’s body features such as finger print, Retina, Iris, Face, etc to verify his  identity.

Spam filters: They filters spam (junk messages). They are used by almost every email providers. They find the spam by scanning the signatures of typical spam messages.

Firewall: It prevents the unauthorized access, control or monitoring of a system by a remote device.


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