Basic computing series part 4 (Application software)

Application software performs a specific task.Data processing software are important classification of Application software and it converts data into information. Thus the information obtained using data processing software can be useful for analysis,decision making and presentation. Some of the important data processing software are MS WORD,MS excel  and MS power point.

Any software that is used to write,edit,format and delete text document is called word processing software. Commonly used word processing software are MS Word, Libreoffice Writer, Lotus Word pro and Quick office(For MAC OS).

Spreadsheet is a data processing software to analyse, organize data and process data in tabular form. Any formula can be applied to the values in the cells(Intersection of rows and columns is called cells).  Charts and Graphs can be generated to interpret changes in the data and that information will be useful for decision making. Commonly used spreadsheet software are MS Excel, Libreoffice Calc and Mariner Calc(For MAC OS).

Presentation Software is used to display content in the form of slide show. As the name implies, they are used for presentation of data.Commonly used spreadsheet software are MS Power point and Libreoffice Impress.

Database management software(DBMS): As we have already discussed, database is collection of related data. DBMS is used to create,analyse  and filter the database. Commonly used DBMS are MySQL,Oracle and MS access.

MS outlook is used as a email application and used to manage personal information of a user. Note:This article gives brief introduction of application software and more information regarding data processing software will be given in future articles.


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