How to Maximize marks in English section in Banking exam

If you have studied English as a medium of subject in major part of your life. You won’t find any difficulty in cracking English section. There are some strategy available to maximize the score in this section. Trust me. English is the second easiest section in the banking exam after computer awareness. Many aspirants feel difficulty to crack English section because of misunderstanding of basic English grammar concepts and difficulty in solving a RC. General tips to maximize marks in English section is given below.

Enhance your reading skills: Reading Comprehension (RC) asked in the banking exam will test your basic understanding of passages. Many aspirants will spend too much time on reading this passage and while another type of students will try to solve the questions without reading passage based on general knowledge. Both the methods are not suggested. First you should increase your reading speed without compromising understanding of passage. Longstanding Myth that prevent us to increase our speed of reading passage is if we read passage in speedy manner, we cannot understand the passage. In other words ,we believe slow reading means more understanding but that’s not the fact.  We can increase speed and comprehension at the same time. The only way to do that is practice. At least read a novel once a month. Read with sense of urgency. You should be able to read at least 300 words per minute at the end of practice so that you can read the given passage in exam within 3 minutes.Reading a novel also helps you to learn more vocabulary.

Learn Basic Grammar: If you are weak in grammar, learn basic grammar from Wren Martin book or follow our basic English series to learn basic grammar.

Practice more and correct yourself: Practicing more questions can increase the speed of response to answer a question. Practicing more can help you in learning new concepts and correcting your misconception. At the end of  basic English series,we will provide you practice series for English.


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