Daily Aptitude series(Banking) 23-12-2014

1.250% of 248-200% of 144+50% of 72=? (a)302 (b)303 (c)402 (d)403 (e)404

2.Rakesh travels half of his journey in car with 45 kmph, 1/3 of his remaining journey in cycle with 15 kmph and remaining jouney by walk with 5 kmph.What is the average speed of journey. (a)10 kmph (b)10.25 (b)10.75 (d)11.25 (e)11.75

3.Ratio of A and B’s age is 4:1.A’s age after 12 years will be square of B’s present age.Find the sum of A and B’s age?  (a)26 (b)28 (c)30 (d)32 (e)40

4.Complete the series : 4,0,-3,-6.5,?  (a)-9.25 (b)-9.75 (c)-10.25 (d)-10.75 (e)-11

5.Complete the series :5,0,2,10,42,? (a)178 (b)188 (c)194 (d)198 (e)204

Answers will be posted tomorrow or after first comment or whichever comes later . Comment your answers

Note: All the above questions are created by me. Unlike other pages i don’t copy book questions.I am doing this to test this questions level of difficulty so that i can use it in my book.So please do comment your experience while solving this question.


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