How to prepare for Banking exam 2015

If you are in the final year of your graduation or planning to prepare Banking exams for the upcoming year,here is the guide for helping you. There are two important exams you need to attend to have a career in Banking: IBPS and SBI. There are two cadres available in banking 1.PO 2.Clerk. In order to crack a banking exam you need three months of preparation. I have prepared generic tips for preparing banking exams. First of all,before proceeding further i would like to bust some of the common Myths associated with Banking exam preparation.

MYTH : Cracking a Banking exam needs lot of math skills or person who is weak in math can’t crack banking exam. This is not true!! Truth is person who is weak in math may face difficulties in solving Quantitative section. Even a person with very weak math skill can crack the exam,provided that they are determined in their goal. I would suggest two week time is enough for them to learn basics.

Speed and accuracy: Banking exam is designed in such a way to test person’s speed and accuracy at the same time. Almost in all the exam you would have less than 45 seconds to solve a question. So speed forms a crucial part.Speed can be achieved by practice. Practice at least 500 quantitative questions before attempting real one. At least 5 questions will be posted in this blog under daily aptitude practice series from today.

Practice diversified questions: Solve different type of questions so that at one point of time every becomes familiar to you.Solving a familiar questions saves lot of time which is very important for banking exams. Make every question familiar.

Read newspapers regularly: You should at least start reading the newspapers three months before the exam. Study newspaper still morning of exam. Read development , economics,Sports and polity news.

Know basic economics: Many of the student preparing from bank exam are not commerce or economics graduate. So in order to bridge this gap, they need to study basic economics concepts such as inflation, recession etc. students need to know basic banking terms too! Basic marketing is needed for SBI exam. Basic economics series will be started from  tomorrow in this site. Please stay tuned to this site for regular update.

Learn Quick math: Quick math deals with doing mathematical calculations at faster rate. We are always comforted our self by the use of calculator. Using calculator has actually decreased our response time.  They are lot of simple ways to enhance your math speed. Soon i hope i can article on it.

Take a mock test: Although “practice makes perfect” is a old proverb, it makes sense in all the competitive exam preparation. Simply practicing won’t make you an winner. Knowing your strengths and correcting your weakness can make you winner. Always try to create an exam atmosphere while taking mock test, you should not postpone or cancel the test once you begin.

Basic computing:  Computer based questions are pretty easier one.  I have given here a link to know basic computing. When you click on the above link your system will download a zip file. Extact it using “examhacker” as password. The above given material is more than enough for preparing computers. Just glance through the materials. Note: I have no copyrights over the given material and actually given material is NIOS book. I am planning to launch basic computing series soon.

Read NCERT English books: If are weak in English, study all NCERT books upto 10th standard. Grammar related stuff are pretty easy  just go through NCERT books and previous year question papers. Basic English for Banking will be started soon.


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