Daily Aptitude Series (Banking) 21-12-14

1.12.5% of 1/3 of a number is 20,what is that number?   (a)240 (b) 360 (c)480 (d)600

2.If 8 people can complete a 16 projects in 4 days,then how many days a person takes to complete a project?                           (a)1/2 day (b) 1 day (c) 2 days (d) 4 days

3.If a seller gives 33.33% discount to a marked price and the selling price is 3,000 then find the percentage of profit or loss is     (a) 2% loss (b) 2% gain (c) 4% loss (d) 4% Gain (e) Neither a loss or Gain

4.Complete the series : 7,23,,225,? (a) 661 (b) 672 (c) 681 (d)682 (e)683

Comment your answers. Comment regarding level of difficulty is also welcome. Answers will be posted tomorrow or after first comment or whichever comes later.


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