Important topics in physics for Group 4

General science are usually bulky. It need lot of time to study those concepts but on the other hand they cannot be ignored.General science forms almost 20% of Gk (I.e nearly 15 marks in group 4).Each marks count. Physics is most important subject in General science.

1.Astronomy: Almost 2-3 questions appear from this simple section. Study about all the planets in the solar system,the sun, the moon, comets and meteors. Space exploration by India is covered in this post.

2.National Labs..6-annex8-9-e Download this pdf.Study upto 2 pages and memorize the H.Q of this labs.

3. Measuring Instruments :List of measuring devices

4.Basic mechanics and properties of matter: Use TN books

5.Measurement: Study about fundamental quantities and derived quantities

6.Magnetism,electricity and electronics -Heat, light and sound: 10th book


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