How to prepare for TNPSC Group 2 exam and suggested books(updated list)

TNPSC conducts group 2 exam every year to recruit revenue assistant,Sub registrar, Probation officer, Junior employment officer, Assistant section officer,Supervisor and Senior inspector cadre. Its syllabus is of Degree standard. Group 2 has three stages of exam: Preliminary exam,Main exam and interview.Nature of questions asked in Group 2 Preliminary exam is substantially changed.Don’t worry!!! .So here is a updated guide to help you prepare with the latest syllabus of the exam.Lets begin!!!!


First of all you should be thorough with the syllabus. It enables you to concentrate on only desired subjects. While preparing anything for TNPSC Group 2 always stick to the syllabus.Take a copy of the syllabus. Always have it in your hand while preparing.For those who still don’t have syllabus, download the syllabus from this link and take printout.


Most important news such as rocket launch, tournament winners in sports , landmark judgments ,new laws,new books and its authors, person who got awards (both national and international), govt schemes and policies, Science and technology news, Places and persons in news,economic news and India’s foreign affairs are asked in Group 1 exam.Don’t worry I will update current affairs regularly in this site.You can be on track by checking this site regularly.


Basically, you wont find any time management issues in Group 4 exams in all other sections except aptitude. In my personal experience i have seen many aspirants completely ignore this section in preparation. No or little preparation will not fetch you good score in this section. You should spend at least 2 weeks. Believe me, you can learn everything in 2 weeks. For this section i recommend Quantitative aptitude by R.S.Agarwal and A modern approach to non verbal reasoning by  R.S.Agarwal.


English/ Tamil will give you 150 marks.You should follow rule no 1 for maximizing your score in literature section. Don’t read unnecessary lessons and poems.There are lots of poem and lesson which are not included in the syllabus. So, be careful. For English grammar section, i recommend wren and martin book for grammar and practice SSLC and HSC questions. For Tamil grammar, there are lots of book and the best one will be updated soon.


Apart from aptitude and current affairs, there is General studies which includes subjects such as history, Geography, Science, Economics and Civics. Suggested books for each subject is given below. Study 6th to 12th NCERT and books thoroughly as it not only teaches the basic but also many questions is directly asked from the books.


Take at least 3 mock/practice tests. In this website i will update a mock test soon. Take that test,take your time to analyse your strength and weakness in various subjects.  After you analyse your test result, you may have known your weakness tat may be anything from language to civics. After this stage take sectional tests which is also available in our website. Remember: Not just taking many tests will not make you score more. Learning the mistakes and correcting will make you score more.


Although it may sound like an old advice, it will help you in understanding the syllabus.Warning: Don’t go beyond 2013 because before that period we had a different syllabus. However you can still study general studies from that question papers. I will update the questions papers soon.


1. 6th to 12th TN and NCERT books

2.Quantitative aptitude by R.S.Agarwal and A modern approach to non verbal reasoning by  R.S.Agarwal

3.Indian Polity by Lakshimikant

4.Indian economy by Ramesh Singh(Just study core concepts.No need of deep study)

5.India a history: John Keay

6.Indian and world geography: Majjid Yussain

7.General Science: 6th to 12th NCERT and TN books

8.English:Wren and martin and 6th to 12th TN books.

Question papers: Previous year question papers for Group 2 and Group 2A

Note: I will update the strategy,syllabus and books for mains and interview soon.

Feel free to comment if you have any doubt.


8 thoughts on “How to prepare for TNPSC Group 2 exam and suggested books(updated list)

  1. Thank you sir. I need the economic topic materials. Sir I study the Tamil nadu samacheer kali books only. Ncrt book means. Pls explain. Thank you for motivation

    Liked by 1 person

    • Only 100 marks are allotted to Tamil. You should language from TN books as syllabus of language paper is derived from TN books. It may seem hard to study discreetly in the TN books but remember “Hard work never fails”. Best of luck for your preparation


  2. Sir thank you for the book lists,..from where i start my preparation,.just like from school books or from reference books??


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