Current Affairs(International news)

EBOLA: Ebola is a biosafety level 4 virus which means there is no vaccine or treatment available for the patient and this virus is contagious(easy to spread) in nature.It is spread by touching and through body fluids. This virus was first reported in Sudan in 1976. Recently major outbreak of this virus occur in Guinea in march 2014.This virus then spread to other parts of Africa such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria etc and to some other countries.

ISIS: Islamic state of Iraq and Syria is a notorious terrorist organisation. It is notorious for releasing videos of beheading people in internet and destruction of cultural heritage of Iraq and Syria. It is dominant in Syria and Iraq.

Fast Facts:Bolivia became the first country to legalize child labour. MH 370 is an Malaysian aeroplane that went missing over south china sea. Malaysia still searching for the plane.Still no concrete evidence regarding its missing is not found. MH 17 is another Malaysian aeroplane that is shot over Ukraine. In a referendum,Scotland chose to stay with Britain instead of opting for independence with 55% vote favoring to stay with U.K. Cremea is annexed by Russia in 2014 through military intervention,although there was strong pressure over Russia from other countries.


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