Current Affairs(Books&Authors)

Book & Authors note:This section is not suggested for Group 4 but for RRB it is!!!

 Book Name Author
 No Country Kalyan Ray
 In the light of what we know Zia Haider Rahma
Makers of modern Asia Ramachandra Gunha
 The lives of others Neel mukherjee
 Half Girlfriend Chetan Bhagat
Family Life Akhil Sharma
 Hard Choices Hillary Clinton
 One life is not enough:An autobiography Natwar Singh
 Perfect Racheal Joyce
Think like a Freak Steven D.Levitt and Stephen.J Dubner
 Not just an accountant:The Diary of the Nation’s Conscience Keeper Vinod Rai (Ex.CAG)
The past as present Romila Thapar
 The Age of Wrath Abraham Eraly
Private India Ashiwini Signh and James Petterson
Narrow Road to Deep North Richard Flanagan                     (Booker prize winner,2014)
 Final Test Exit Sachin Tendulkar Dillip D’souza
 Stricly Personnel Damman Singh
 Worthy Fights Panetta and Newton

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